Our Objective


Main Objectives of Company

To create professional consultancy for awareness of law to repel the sufferance because of ignorance of law being no excuse.
To provide consultancy for proficient legal education by providing research results and by providing legal system gazettes.
To provide specific legal topics counselling for multinational systems of laws of different countries.

The Other Objectives

i. Deep Research into the values of our Existence phenomenon would be under taken to reach at basics and first principles for the legal systems accepted by humanity at different points of time.
ii. Law consultancy to be provided for complete coverage of human life span from conception to cremation phases and stages, of individual’s existence.
iii. To provide legal consultancy for the prosperity development and management for the individuals, groups, institutions and functionaries of the different systems of Governance.
iv. To provide specific institutional consultancy for upper utilization of the Sun resources, including transcendental carriers of Sunlight, for intelligence prosperity for the existence phenomenon on earth, moon and mars.
v. Deep research for the specific aspect of Earth management and to provide vide consultancy for optimum legal institutional frame form such specific aspect of Earth management.
vi. Deep research for intimate understanding of formation of human semen and its potentialities to manifest human frame, and to provide consultancy forum handling and sharing this knowledge for the welfare of human species and form values based existence for full life span of every individual.
vii. To provide consultancy for lawful application of applied values of knowledge.
viii. To provide consultancy for lawful application of applied values of resources generation systems.
ix. To hold international conferences on different aspects of law.
x. To publish authentic law books & do law research and to provide research for the legal history of man.
xi. To provide counselling for affective legal options for the parties confronted with the particular situations.
xii. To work out the solutions for parties to domestic and international arbitrations.
xiii. To help the parties to search the law and to provide legal frames for their pleadings and to help then settle written submissions permissible for them before lawful authorities.
xiv. To be a full service law company with the above main area of expertise and also specifically for corporate and commercial matters, Arbitration, competition law, infrastructural laws regarding rights and responsibilities, counselling for commercial facts, disinvestments and counselling for financial restructuring, amalgation and mergers, intellectual properties and to provide counselling for TV and news papers covering legal news and also for creation of environment for lawful society